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    Special-purpose for PA nylon HD800E

    HD800E is elastic copolymer resin based POE by reactive extrusion with meleic anhydride. Molecular chain of the polyolefin elastomer is completely saturated structure, thus HD800E has outstanding thermal oxygen aging stability, with good flexibility and low temperature brittleness, good transparency and liquidity


    Typical application:


    * Toughening agent and compatibilizer of polyolefin(such as PE, PP) plastic wood composite

    * Dispersant and Coupling agent of halogen-free flame retardant

    (Aluminum hydroxide, Magnesium hydroxide)

    * ABS/PC, PBT, PC, PBT/ABS, PBT/PA alloy compatibilizer

    * The dispersant, compatilizer of the PBT/PET alloy material

    * Nylon materials toughening agent, to improve the impact resistance

    * Improve low temperature heat sealing performance of the CPP, BOPP film,




    Addition: 3—8%

    Form:   Granules

    Package: 25 kg bags, double layers packing

    They should be stored in a dry and cool area.